SEED 2 Trailer (2014) – Horror Movie

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SEED 2 trailer (2014) – so if you liked „The Hills Have Eyes“, here you have another tasty „nutters of the desert“, this time with German babes in the bloodbath 😉

Coming back from her bachelorette party in Las Vegas Christine (Natalie Scheetz) and her friends Olvia (Christa Campbell), Barbara (Sarah Hayden) and Claire (Annika Strauss) are driving through the hot desert of Nevada. But they are not alone… Serial killer Max Seed is back and he brought the whole family!

„Seed 2“ trailer is a 2014 horror movie
Starring: NATALIE SCHEETZ (Madison County), CHRISTA CAMPBELL (Drive Angry 3D), CAROLINE WILLIAMS (Hatchet 3), ANNIKA STRAUSS (Candy House), NICK PRINCIPE (Chromeskull) and MICAELA SCHAEFER (German IT-Girl)
Directed by: MARCEL WALZ

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